Phoenix Institute Atlanta Volunteers!

Being of service to others is the heartbeat of a Guardian. Phoenix Institute Atlanta recently donated food to a local agency that supports women, some with children, who are in transition from difficult home environments into safe housing. Access to a free food pantry provides a level of confidence that a woman can provide for her family even when life events disrupt a household’s routines. PIA’s remote participants who live in other states also made food contributions in their local communities.

Samuel has reminded us there is no reason for anyone on this planet to go hungry. It is through loving acts of kindness and generosity that we make an impact on the lives of those who need our help. The food pantry donation is the first of several volunteer activities Phoenix Institute Atlanta will participate in this year to help bring about positive change on Earth. Food Pantry Donations are accepted throughout the year. Contact Phoenix Institute Atlanta for details. Opportunities to serve are abundant. We welcome all who want to join with us to make a difference!

PIA visits Stone Mountain GA

Phoenix Institute Atlanta scales a mountain and lives to tell the tale!

Samuel tells us that now is not the time for being a “monk on the mountain.” He encourages us to get out and about

among people, to merge our energy with each other and to send it out to those in our surroundings, including the animal, plant, and mineral kingdoms. PIA is fortunate to have so many wonderful places in the metro-Atlanta area where we can do just that.

Stone Mountain Park, just east of Atlanta, contains the world’s largest exposed granite monolith. It is surrounded by woods, lakes, nature trails and wildlife, and has plenty of attractions to draw in locals and tourists alike. It’s a perfect place for PIA to gather and merge our energy with each other and the Kingdoms of Earth, and there are plenty of places for picnicking.


Here we are atop Stone Mountain during one of our outings. No monks, we!


 PIA Visits Fernbank Museum

  Phoenix Institute Atlanta merges with the past, present and future.

Since Samuel encourages us to socialize with each other and to get out there in the world, the question then becomes: where to go and what to do in 95-degree Atlanta heat? PIA took the cool route this past weekend and made a visit to Fernbank Natural History Museum. There was an illuminating show on The Brain, a sculptured family of Hadrosaur roaming around in front of the building, lots of young future scientists enjoying the many exhibits, and a beautiful IMAX movie: Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Secret Ocean. For the non-scuba diving contingent among us, this film was an eye-opening, in-your-face view of the magical kingdoms beneath the surface of the ocean.

As we strolled around the museum, we enjoyed being among young children and their families. There were many retiree volunteers working the ticket lines and providing direction and assistance. It was a delight to be able to merge with such a wonderful variety of energies. Afterward, we gathered for dinner at a nearby restaurant featuring excellent vegan veggie burgers. A good time was had by all.